BrowserQuest Hangout Thurs 7/11 @7p EST

Hello m’dearies, this one’s just for fun:

For those that don’t know, there’s a browser-based MMORPG called BrowserQuest. Open Source code, Creative Commons art, and sight which may seem familiar: it’s the entire icon set from which Habit was bootstrapped! They were so kind as to permit our using their assets, and they’ve recently mused on pulling our newly-created assets back into BQ - a bit of CC cross-pollination. So in a way, BQ might feel like “HabitRPG, the videogame” to us long-timers. Anyway, it’s a fantastic game, and a nostalgic throwback (and the work of pure technological genius).

So here’s the scoop - let’s raid the game on Thursday 7/11 @7p EST. We’ll hang out for 15m in the start zone so anyone who wants to join can trickle in - sort of have a QA / AMA of sorts there. Then we’ll go adventuring until we get bored, collecting all the gear we’re so familiar with :) Anyone in? Chime in if so, so I don’t feel foreveralone



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